Feel Joy

Gründerin von Colour Flower aus Wien

After a few years of making products for my own private use, this resulted in a lot of beautiful jewellery that could not be worn enough. Now the moment had come that the produced jewellery may and should give joy to other people.

Color Flower combines all my passions: precious stones in many beautiful colours, intricately crafted glass bead jewellery and silk flowers, which radiate a romance and playfulness.

I am very pleased, if you also find a piece of jewellery at Color Flower that makes you or someone else feel happy.

The face behind Color Flower

Founded in 2019, Color Flower is still a one woman show, with friends and family always giving input and are a great help and support. At this point I would like to express a huge thank you.

In addition to the more technical studies, a creative balance was very important to me. The passion for beautiful jewellery was awakened in me very early and I began to inform myself in this direction.

The choice between straightforwardness and romance as well as the choice between the variety of available materials was not easy, so there are three big product groups at Color Flower:

  • Gemstone Jewellery

  • Beaded Jewellery

  • Silk Flower Accessories