Your individuality & your truth is your happiness!


Do you like to combine the pleasant with the practical?

Do you like to work on yourself and do you like to challenge yourself?

Do you like jewelry and do you like to celebrate successes?

Introduce yourself,


you have a bracelet that you do not only like, but also reminds you to achieve your self-defined goals.



you can easily check your successes every evening by looking at your bracelet.

This is exactly what you get with the lucky bracelet.


We have developed a bracelet with sliding balls. If you do something specific, you can move a ball every time you did it. Be it after a glass of water or after an invigorating exercise session. If you do not want to pursue a challenge for a day, then it is simply a pretty bracelet that you can enjoy.

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You can wear it anytime, anywhere, and you'll be motivated to pursue your goals anytime, anywhere.

The principle of happiness stands for individuality. We are happy to respond to you. If you would like a different combination than the one currently offered, just let us know.

The bracelet is lovingly made by hand in Austria.

Now what is different about this bracelet?

You can use it to motivate those around you, because they too will see you sliding a ball further!

An uncomplicated companion. It doesn't need electricity, it's light as a feather and it's fancy!

The elements on the bracelet can be moved from side to side. So you always have your successes visible on your wrist.

We believe that changing habits can be easy - as long as it's fun!